The week that wasn’t

So my first week of prac didn’t happen. I came down with the flu last weekend and have been in bed all week. I did make it to the doctor who told me I also had an ear infection on top of the flu and needed to rest.

I was feeling good on Wednesday morning so I got myself ready and went into my prac school where I was quickly sent back home! (I must have looked sicker than I felt!). I did however leave with unit plans and some info about what I will be teaching on my return which was good.

4 days of sleeping on and I am still in a world of pain. My sinus’s are killing me and I can’t chew anything without my teeth hurting, which is apparently normal (thanks doctor google).


I am crossing everything that I wake up tomorrow feeling good enough to go in and get things started. I feel way behind and my daycare bill is growing by the day! Seriously going to have to sell some things to pay for that bad boy ūüė¶

I hope everyone else is going well and thanks to everyone for the well wishes.




Interactive whiteboards

I classroom for prac doesn’t have an iwb. I will have one next door where the kids sometimes go for classes however it’s not used for much other than watching movies because of their disabilities. It got me thinking that there must be something else out there for them so I checked out pinterest, which always has something! I came across an IWB that caters for students with disabilities which is pretty awesome. Sadly I wont be using one, but it’s great to know there are things out their available that I might be able to use once I finish my degree.



Image from

I really need to start thinking outside the box for prac seems I wont be able to get my hands on much!

My digital footprint

I finally got up to date with the learning desk last night (minus the table thing), and got thinking after reading that most people would have googled their mentors. I for one didn’t. I just went and met her and asked her history face to face. I did however google myself and am glad to say I don’t really have a digital footprint. Other than an old facebook profile picture and some of my pinterest pins there wasn’t much info about me, except links to my photography website.

I have gone and changed my pinterest user name just so people can’t sticky beak at my interests, although they will only really find out that I like scandinavian furniture and shiny kitchens! Nothing to incriminating!

I think the fact that I have kids I have always thought twice about what I post online. My facebook is pretty minimal and I don’t have millions of friends. I don’t post in forums or anything and I rarely do crazy things in my life anyways!

So tell me, was your digital footprint more exciting than mine?

Part B

I have been staring at my computer screen over the past couple of days trying to make a start on part B, but I didn’t really have information about my placement until today. I went along and helped out for 3 hours this morning and asked alot of questions regarding students abilities and the use of ICT’s. What I learnt isn’t looking good in regards to this assignment.

My class is made up of 5 students, 3 with muscular dystrophy, one with high level autism and another with Intellectual and physical impairments. They have limited ability with a lot of things and don’t particularly use ICT’s as they don’t have the ability to do so; Mostly because they are unable to move themselves to a smart board, or hold an ipad etc. I did learn that they use an interactive whiteboard in their morning sessions to watch/ sing songs that enhance their understanding of the tasks they are doing (weather, counting to 10, colours etc).

Other than that it’s all very basic. I was a little stumped, so I went and spoke to my contact person at the school and she said she will find time for me to interact with the older kids in the school while I am there to see how they use ICT’s. It wont help me to do my assignment but at least I will see how ICT is used within a special school context.


Becoming cybersmart

I have just completed my 4 connect.ed modules through Cybersmart; a professional development module for teachers, pre service teachers and other school staff. It took me ages to get through it with the kids home, but I am actually really glad I did.

It ran through the idea of being aware of what our students are doing online, their awareness of cybersafety issues and how to be safe online. It was pretty in-depth and covered topics I wouldn’t have really thought of such as sexting, which I guess wasn’t around when I was a teen due to phones not having cameras. The modules are aimed to assist teachers to better educate students about the dangers of being online, and how to deal with cyber bullying and other online nasties.

A few of the ideas to teach students were:

  • Teach students to block unwanted senders in chat rooms etc
  • the importance of keeping passwords secret and changing them frequently to avoid hacking.
  • what to do if you receive a nasty msg
  • Encourages students to seek adult help
  • & keep records of cyber bullying.

It really has made me stop and think and be aware of what students are doing on the internet, especially when I have an almost 7 year old who is VERY keen for his own laptop for his birthday. I think it’s crazy and a tad over the top (and he probably wont be getting it!), but not long from now all 7 year old will probably have their own computers and be surfing the web uncovering all types of nasties.

I will definitely be having a chat with him about being cybersmart and will get him to have a go at some of the online activities available.


Here is my certificate for completing the modules ūüôā

Screen shot 2014-05-08 at 7.50.50 PM

Mentor change

Just had a little freak out when I picked up my phone only to hear the words “You mentor will not be able to take you on”..

I think my heart may have stopped. Only moments ago I was writing a list of all the things I had to get ready before prac and finding a new school was not one of them!

Luckily another teacher, whom I already know through volunteering has offered to take me on! What a relief. Although Now I have to go and learn all of the early years stuff because they are junior level at the special school and haven’t yet reached foundation level.

I am so happy and scared at the same time! Now back to the study desk to finish week 9 and 10 before the end of the week!

Why is life so hectic!!!???

Whats the weather?

First up on the study desk for week 9¬†was a little task where we had to email off a picture of the weather in our part of the woods. First of all I though this was kind of pointless, but after clicking the link to see other peoples photos i changed my mind. I LOVE photos, and seeing other peoples photos and interpretations of weather in an image is really cool. I especially liked the clothesline image. Perfect way to emphasise the wind! My image is one I took on the easter weekend whilst watching the Brisbane to Gladstone¬†boat race. There was a little festival happening and the sun was shining so down we went! ¬† IMG_8720 ¬† ¬† I’ve never used flickr before so never really thought to use it within a classroom however it could be pretty cool for kids to do. You can see all of the other WEATHER 2014 images here ūüôā

Are kids missing out on the real world?

Doing the rounds of facebook at the moment is a video called ‘look up’. It’s narrated by a man who implements the idea that we spend far too much time looking down at our phones, chatting with our so called friends, when in fact life is passing us by. It makes a point about our kids and their futures.

What is to come of them if they think not being alone means have hundreds of friends on facebook, or chatting to someone online completely replaces meeting up with someone face to face. What kind of world would that be?

My eldest son has ADHD and with this comes alot of social issues. He just seemed to miss out on the ‘how to talk to people’ and ‘making friends’ memo because his mind was to busy thinking about a million other things. He loves technology and when ever I allow it he has his head stuck into the ipad, playing games and watching youtube.

Watching the clip ‘look up’ really made me think about how I am hindering his life. I am not a big phone user, but he does see me with it quite a bit. So how do I change his mindset about technology if I am always using it? ¬†How do I allow him to learn to use technology for future knowledge without him missing out on life?

Some big questions to ponder.

You can find the clip here, or via Chronicles of a pre services teacher, who has similar views to me and believes balance is the key.

Prac check list

I feel like I have fallen behind in this course. Sick kids, no childfree time and being sick myself isn’t helping me get everything done.

Here is a little check list that will hopefully help me out:


  • Print paper work for prac (weekly feedback, ICT statement, professional expereince report) – YAY HAVE DONE THIS!¬†
  • Go and meet with my Mentor
  • Find somewhere for my 4 year old to go while I am on prac (WHY OH WHY DIDNT I GO TO UNI BEFORE KIDS!!)
  • Book before and after school care for the 6 year old
  • Find a money tree that will pay for all these child minding services! Eeeeeek
  • Wear in my new shoes
  • Finish everything on the study desk
  • Start assignment 3
  • Start assignment 2 for spe3005 & spe3003

Probably a million other things I am forgetting. Almost want to curl up in a ball and cry already ūüė¶


After reading a few other students blogs today I started thinking about how different this course is in the way we are aloud and guided to share all of our ideas when previously it was not totally acceptable to share without wondering if you were doing the wrong thing. We were forced to do everything on our own or as a secret squirrel as Leesa put’s it in her sharing resources post. Now that I am most of the way through this course I am thinking that¬†although a pain in the butt sharing everything all the time, it’s really helpful and should probably be done more throughout our diplomas.

I don’t know about everyone else but I have come across a lot of resources that I wouldn’t have without this course that will come in handy one day such as:

  • Bubble for creating mind maps. We used this recourse a few weeks back and is definitely one I will be using again.
  • Kids self edit books such as Scribbleitt – I love this idea. I grew up with a girl that published a story about the things she saw on a walk with her grandma. She was completely embarrest but im sure now looking back she is glad she made it!
  • Pinterest for ideas galore on special education or any other topic you are interested in!
  • ¬†& Teacher blogs such as ‘Breezy Special Ed’¬†that¬†make me realise I am not alone on this journey and dealing with the day-to-day needs of students, their parents, their paperwork, ¬†meetings that go along with the job.¬†That indeed there is plenty of people just like me out there in the word and I can access their stories at a click of a button!

I’m sure I am not alone saying that this class really has opened my eyes to everything that is available to me, that I previously took for granted!